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Guwahati Machinery

Cement Brick Making Machines

Guwahati machinery provides you the best quality cement brick making machines at very affordable price, there are a variety of products to choose from such as cement manual brick manufacturing machine, semi automatic brick making machine and automatic brick making machine.

brick making machines

Cement Manual Brick Making Machine

Capacity - 1600/2000 Pcs/Day, Power Required - 0.78 Kw, Usages - Manufacture Concrete Bricks, Process - Manual, Brick Size - 9 x 4 x 3 Inch, Cavity - Four ....

brick making machines

Semi Automatic Brick & Block Making Machine

Production Capacity - 3000 Block / Shift, 4000 Brick / Shift, Power Pack - 7.5 HP (Three Phase), Maximum Pressure - 3000 PSI, Hydraulic Tank - 230 Ltr, Cavity - 2 for Block / 3 for Brick, Mould Area - 450 x 450 mm, Style Of Block can be made - Zigzag, Isec, bricks 9 x 4 x 3 inch

brick making machines

Automatic Concrete Brick & Block Making Machines

Production Capacity 1800 Blocks per hour / 2160 brick per hour Cavity 10 Block Type Solid, I shape, Zigzag Method Hydraulic Pressure Power 23.4kw, 440v Hydraulic tank 450ltr Belt Conveyor 18ft Pan Mixer 2 Number 380Kg Capacity Jack Size 150 x 200 mm Cycle 20 second Pan Mixer 2 Trolley 2

brick making machines in guwahati

Egg Layer Concrete Hollow Brick Making Machine

SPECIFICATION 860 L JUMBO Capacity 500-1000 Blocks per hour Block Type Solid block / Hollow Block Brick Type Hollow Method Hydraulic Pressure Vibro Motor 2 Nos 3ph (440v) Hydraulic Pump Motor 5hp, 3ph (440v) Travel Motor 1 HP, 3ph (440v) Machine Weight 1750kg (approx.) ..................

brick making machines

Interlocking Concrete Brick Manufacturing Machines

Capacity 700 pcs / Day Power Required Zero Usages Manufacture Concrete/Clay Interlocking Block Process Manual Block Size 10 x 5 x 4 /5 Inch Cavity Double

brick making machines

Hydraulic Cement Brick Making Machines

Total Power 2.34 kw / 440 Volt Vibrating Plate Thickness 10 mm Vibrating Table Size 3000mm x 750mm manufactured Made in India

vibration table

Vibration Table

Power Source: Electric Automation Grade: Semi-Automatic Machine Type: Concrete Brand: Crompton Output Capacity: 1200 Liters Type Of The Drum Mixer: Tilting Drum Mixer

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Manual Brick Making Machine

Basic Starting of Brick Making Machine price list across cities

All India – ₹50k to 2 Lakh/PieceItanagar – ₹60k to 3 Lakh/Piece
Dimapur – ₹70k to 2 Lakh/PieceAizawl – ₹55k to 3Lakh/Piece
Guwahati – ₹60k to 170k PieceShillong – ₹57k to 2.5 Lakh/Piece
Imphal – ₹70.8k to 3 Lakh/PieceManipur – ₹55k to 2Lakh/Piece
Pasighat – ₹75,000 to 90k/Piecetripura – ₹50 to 2 lakh/Piece

Brick Making Machines

A brick making machine is an industrial automated equipment for efficient and large-scale brick production with limited manual involvement. This type of machine is fitted with up to date automation capabilities such as the feeding of raw materials, mixing, molding, and brick ejection. The entire process of bricks making is geared towards speed and accuracy. Automatic brick-making machines are usually featured with computerized controls, sensors, and hydraulics to ensure the consistent quality output. These machines perform very good for industrial-sized projects which need high throughput and standardized brick quality. There three types of brick making machines – Manual Brick Making Machine, Semi – Automatic Brick Making Machine and Automatic brick making machine.

Cement Manual Brick Making Machine

Manual cement brick making machine is a brick making tool which is operate with the help of manpower or labourers. This manual brick machine are lower at cost than the automatic or semi-automatic brick making machine because it doesn’t contain any electronic parts or components. This manual machines simply depends on the operator’s skill. The manual cement brick making machine can create different shape and size of brick by simply changing the mould forma.

Semi Automatic Concrete Brick Making Machine

A semi automatic brick making machine is a medium-level construction equipment that combines the manual and automatic procedures in order to boost the efficiency and productivity. Unlike fully manual machines, semi-automatic models have automated steps in some stages of the brick-making process. Generally, raw materials like clay or concrete are manually loaded into the machine; and the molding and compression processes are partially automated.

Automatic Brick Making Machine

A machine that can automatically make bricks or blocks at a time is known as a automatic brick and block making machine. Largescale brick and block production plants are usually the places where these devices find application. A mixture of concrete, sand and water is fed into a mould by the machine. After that, the mixture is compacted and any air bubbles are eliminated by vibrating the mould. The mould is opened and the bricks or blocks are released once the mixture has been compacted. Bricks and blocks in a wide range of sizes and forms can be produced by programming the machine. Additionally, it may be configured to generate blocks and bricks with various finishes and strengths.

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Guwahati machinery is the ultimate site for  all kinds of Brick making machineries, we provide a wide range of machinery to choose from such as Brick making machine,  brick machines, cement brick machine, manual brick manufacturing machine, hydraulic brick making machine, chemicals, accessories, and many more. this site is the one stop solution for all your industrial requirements to provide you the best quality at very affordable pricing. 

Guwahati machinery provides you the best quality brick making machines at very competitive pricing, quality of product is never compromised we provide you the most efficient and precisely working machines. Guwahati machinery avails you a wide range of products to choose from such manual brick making machine, semi-automatic brick making machine and automatic brick making machine. we ensure trust in operations and perfection in the final output. our skilled technical support team and trained customer executives builds the best bonds between seller and customer to provide you the best buying experience you have never been before. 

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Cost of Brick Making Machine is vary from city to cities in all over in india but in approx a manual brick making machine cost 50k to 1lakh.

Best Price of Concrete Brick Making Machine in India
brick making machines

Guwahati machinery provides you the best quality brick making machines at very affordable price, there are a variety of products to choose from such as manual brick making machine, semi automatic brick manufacturing machine and automatic brick making machine in India.

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